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TOP of the most interesting facts about bitcoin

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31.Mar.18 8:32 AM
By Abigail Richards


TOP of the most interesting facts about bitcoin
For more than ten years, bitcoin has not only continued to improve, but also beats its records, is experiencing strong falls and starts. In other words, the crypto currency develops and keeps everyone in the fist. But, despite this, many people still do not know enough about this main crypto currency.

In particular, you need to know that today you can buy bitcoins for rubles , and make this can be done in various ways. For example, through exchange services, through the exchange, from other people, etc. That is, we can say that if before there were no special options, then with the growth rate of bitcoin and its popularity, their number increased. In this case, each person is not "tied" to a specific method, in the absence of restrictions, you can choose the most acceptable option.

Along with the growing popularity of bitcoin, and the number of fraudulent schemes based on it, each of which is very different. As practice shows, one of the most popular schemes is that the scammer makes a mailing with a request to list him some bitcoins at a certain address in order to get a large amount of times. But, in the end, after the transfer of money, the fraudster disappears. In other words, scam follows bitcoin, misleading many people, allowing scammers to cash in and make big money criminal by way of.

Also, bitcoin fraud can be performed using the Internet. For example, by launching malicious ads, through which users will be directed to a site with an exploit. The method of fraud by replacing the official site with an exact copy (except for the url) has been known for a long time, but Bitcoin has not been used in the network.

All those who wish to start working on the crypto currency market should know that it is important to pay special attention to the selection of the relevant exchange, which today has a fairly large number. One of them is Exchange Bitfinex , which is ideal for those who do not want to waste time on identification, but want to display the right amount of digital money without any restrictions. To date, this crypto-exchange is in the top five in terms of trade turnover.

Wishing to choose a stock exchange it is necessary to evaluate it by reputation, commission size, geography, security, exchange rates, convenience, withdrawal options. The best option is the exchange, which satisfies all the parameters, so that in the future it does not face difficulties that might well arise.

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