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Tomislav Nikolić: Russia and EU are playing Cat and Mouse

Ministers of Serbia are going to discuss South Stream with the government of Russian Federation.

04.Dec.14 5:32 PM
By Roman Skvortsov


Tomislav Nikolić: Russia and EU are playing Cat and Mouse
Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially announced about the fact that South Stream project is stopped on the 1st of December. This project was the only hope to construct a gas pipeline through several European countries including Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. That is why President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic is going to discuss this situation with Vladimir Putin. The information is provided by Forbes with the reference to one of the Serbian TV channels.

‘It looks like they are playing cat and mouse”, - said Nikolic driving at difficulties in relations between Russia and European Union. The South Stream was closed due to the fact that Bulgaria has forbidden all kinds of construction works in its territory. Such measures were greatly influenced by representatives of Euro Committee. As a result of such difficult relations Serbia is about to be left without gas at all. Some experts foresee great deficit of gas without South Stream. Director of Vemex Gas Company is among them. This can also be a great problem for the rest of European countries. They will also suffer from closure of South Stream.

President of the Assembly of the Gas Association of Serbia has also shared his opinion about the current situation. He added that: “We have been deceived by Europe and Euro Committee as well and not by Russia”. Serbia and Russian are going to discuss this question in the nearest future. This discussion may also include other countries that are interested in construction of South Stream.

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