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To refuse from roaming will help blockchain

In the company BubbleTone came up with how to reduce the cost of tourists to communicate.

27.Apr.18 7:51 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


To refuse from roaming will help blockchain
Traveling around the world, no one wants to stay without communication. However, calls outside the home region can become quite a significant expense for the tourist. To vacationers abroad are not spent on roaming, the platform BubbleTone offers them to use the new service, based on the technology of blockchain.

Representatives of the company explained that travelers who want to save on calls will have to pay a tariff plan from a local operator using a block-platform. The essence of the development is that the tourist who has used the service becomes a local subscriber for the local mobile communication organization. In this case, the person continues to use his old SIM card and his usual number is stored for him. But the cost of negotiations on the cell phone will be for him as if he were a local resident in this country. The same applies to sending SMS messages and mobile Internet.

In BubbleTone noted that roaming is a very expensive "pleasure" not only for subscribers, but also for operators. The know-how on the blockbuster can be the best solution to the existing problem, allowing you to reduce the cost of mobile communications tenfold.

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