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Āto Gallery sold the picture for bitcoins

Moreover, this is the record for the amount paid in digital currency for a work of art.

18.Jun.18 10:15 PM
By Martin Roads
Photo a screen from the site of the gallery


Āto Gallery sold the picture for bitcoins
Digital currencies gradually began to enter into all spheres, including art.

For example, the online gallery Āto Gallery announced the sale of paintings by New York artist Benjamin Katz Chasing Hearts / Northern Lights for 150 bitcoins or for $ 1.25 million at the time of the deal, Artnet. News writes.

The buyer wished to remain anonymous. It is known that he contacted the gallery, that would buy for bitcoin liked the picture of Benjamin Katz. It is reported that the amount of $ 1.25 million at the moment is the highest for a work of art since the origination of cryptocurrency.

"The colors convey the aurora bore Iceland, and I added hearts as a symbol to people who seek love and move in all directions under the influence of a powerful magnetic field," explained Benjamin Katz his idea reflected in the picture. According to him, Chasing Hearts / Northern Lights in Iceland during the Northern Lights.

Earlier we wrote that the Hermitage acquired a picture of the German artist Anselm Kiefer for a record 63 million rubles.

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