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Tips and secrets of the game World of Tanks

What you need to know.

23.Nov.16 10:27 AM
By Abigail Richards


Tips and secrets of the game World of Tanks
Today, the game World of Tanks is very popular. As it is played by people of all ages. This is not surprising, the game has a large number of features and benefits. To play World of Tanks you need to know hit zones wot, and get to know some tricks and secrets.

Many novice players at random battlefield trying to pick up a weapon. But the wrong target, enemy equipment is not the most important thing. The player must help the Allied forces, and only then think about the equipment and weapons.

Newcomers in the tank should not try to fight just to go into battle, trying to capture the checkpoints. This can only be done when moving to a victory, when everything is clear and decided. No need to move forward, it is necessary to help his team. Stir experienced players to win, you should not.

During the game, you should always follow the map. The map has a lot of important information that will help to win. Right fights are always based on the map.

In World of Tanks game you need to take risks. Without the risk of not get the beautiful and spectacular game. Tank armada can distract cunning and risk. In this game, the trick is to be in the first place. Very often, the technical characteristics of the tank do not allow to win, but the trick to help you.

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