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TikTok has disabled uploads from Russia

Making silly videoclips is no longer an option for Russian teens

07.Mar.22 9:32 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo Twitter


TikTok has disabled uploads from Russia
Video platform TikTok will not let users upload new videos in Russia for the time being. Live streams are also temporarily disabled. The social media platform says on Twitter that these measures have been taken because of a new Russian law on fake news.

Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a new law on Sunday, punishing people who spread "false information". It concerns information about, for example, the Russian army or people asking for sanctions against Russia. People who violate the law can be fined or sentenced to imprisonment for up to fifteen years.

According to the new law, TikTok has no choice but to temporarily block the uploading of new videos and the provision of live streams. That measure will remain in effect as long as TikTok investigates the consequences the law has for user safety.

The company says that the safety of employees and users is the highest priority. "We will continue to monitor conditions in Russia to determine whether our services will become fully available again," TikTok writes.

The video platform previously announced labeling "some state media" so that it is clear to users that the channels are controlled by the government. Also, TikTok would have imposed restrictions on Russian state media.

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