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Three taikonauts returned from Tiangong space mission

Explorers spent 183 days in space

18.Apr.22 7:14 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
Photo PRC


Three taikonauts returned from Tiangong space mission
Three taikonauts, or astronauts/cosmonauts from China, landed safely on Earth last weekend, reports The taikonauts stayed on board the Tiangong space station, which is still under construction, for six months. It was the second manned mission to Tiangong and the longest to date.

With a Shenzhou 13 capsule, the taikonauts landed in a desert in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia on Saturday at 9.56 am (local time). It was preceded by a nine-hour flight. The team took off in October and spent a total of 183 days in space.

Taikonauts had never been in space. The mission also had other firsts. Wang Yaping was the first woman to visit the Space Station's Tianhe module and the first Chinese to make a spacewalk.

Taikonaut Ye Guangfu and Commander Zhai Zhigang were also on board. The trio made two spacewalks, conducted tests and gave two lectures to students on Earth.

China launched the first module for its space station last year. Two more modules have to follow this year, and Tiangong should be completely finished by the end of 2022. China is not a partner of the ISS, to which Europe, the USA and Russia are affiliated, and is therefore dependent on its own station.

In total, China carries out eleven missions to finish off Tiangong. The next taikonauts will leave for the space station in June.

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