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This is Peter Brandt's Bitcoin bull explained: checking the boxes

Has the Bitcoin started the next bull run? The nice thing about Peter Brandt is that he relies on statistics that are objective and accessible to everyone.

10.Jan.20 11:10 AM
By Abigail Richards


This is Peter Brandt's Bitcoin bull explained: checking the boxes
Peter Brandt is one of the most influential Bitcoin traders in the crypto community. The man is known for his razor-sharp technical analyzes and interpretation of statistics and graphs. He uses 4 criteria to assess whether the Bitcoin is in a bull phase. We list them and check the check marks. Has the Bitcoin started the next bull run?

Who is Peter Brandt?

Peter Brandt has now beyond 70, but is very influential in the Bitcoin community. He has been active in commodity trading since 1976. From that time he has built a strong reputation when it comes to acting on the basis of patterns and statistics. He wrote 2 books and was among the 30 most influential economists in the world.

What does Peter Brandt do with Bitcoin?

In the world of the Bitcoin, too, he has caused a stir because of his sharp interpretation of patterns and statistics. Moreover, other influential people praise him as an honest authority. For example, he correctly estimated the highest point of all time in 2017. Last year he caused a sensation by anticipating Bitcoin's bull-run two months in advance in April-May and sharing this on social media.

"Either from Dec '18 low or from retest of same (circa analog dbl bottom in 2015) it would not surprise me if $BTC enters a new parabolic phase. $btcusd"

Has a new bull market began in #Bitcoin $BTC?
1. Market held support at lower boundary of multi-yr channel
2. Small H&S bottom on daily chart
3. Pending penetration of 6+ mo channel
If enough cryptocultists have been shaken out since Dec '17, then "yes"
If not, then "no"

As we see, the criteria can be divided between long-term and short-term factors. The first criterion can be easily followed on the basis of the Bollinger bands.

The second pattern is also fairly easy to follow if you study Tradingview's daily analyzes. A reversed head-shoulder pattern means that the course starts high, falls, remains constant for some time and springs back to the higher starting point. With this the market shows a control of prices and resilience.

The six-month criterion is therefore also clear.

The fourth criterion of "cryptocultists" is less clear-cut. By cryptocultists Peter Brandt means the people who actually always hold the Bitcoin if the market doesn't get too bad. If they act it is usually a sale or taking a loss or profit. If they do not do this it means that they are holding the Bitcoin because they believe in better times (and therefore higher rates).

As we see, the dominance of the Bitcoin is still around 70% of the market. We also see that many large Bitcoin wallets hardly move, if at all. So it seems indeed that the cryptocultists keep quiet.

Conclusion on Peter Brandt’s bull strategy

The nice thing about Peter Brandt is that he relies on statistics that are objective and accessible to everyone. With this he can draw a number of conclusions objectively. He has proven several times in the past that he can draw the right analyzes about crypto coins.

On the other hand, critics sometimes blame him for not always being constant and that here too, conducting his own research is the best basis for making an investment decision. With these criteria you do have a number of potential criteria for your research.

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