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Theresa May promised to "take" for the cryptocurrency

She is concerned about how widespread the bitcoins are with criminals.

28.Jan.18 3:00 AM
By Johnatan Toadlicker


Theresa May promised to "take" for the cryptocurrency
British Prime Minister Teresa May said that she intends to seriously tackle the cryptocurrency because she is concerned about his popularity with various kinds of fraudsters and representatives of the criminal world. South Korea has already adopted some laws, as, for example, is ready to follow its example.

"We should be warier when it comes to the cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin," the British prime minister said to Bloomberg.

May advocates specific but cautious measures in regulating the scope of the Crypto-currency. She does not doubt that crypto-currencies are indeed "grave thing."

No specific information about the British bills yet, but, apparently, they will be from the same "opera" with South Korean.

In particular, in the Republic of Korea from tomorrow, any trader who provides operations with crypto-currency must register under his real name. Legal entities must be registered with the state commission for financial markets.

Also, there are age limits: citizens under the age of 19 cannot conduct operations with crypto-currencies.

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