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Theresa May has launched a procedure of "divorce" in the UK with the EU

Donald Tusk received a letter in which it shall inform about the beginning of Brexit.

29.Mar.17 5:00 AM
By Johnatan Toadlicker


Theresa May has launched a procedure of "divorce" in the UK with the EU

Prime Minister Theresa may has officially launched the Brexit procedure. She signed a letter to the head of the European Council Donald Tusk, which reported on the beginning of the process of the Kingdom's exit from the Union. "Divorce" will be issued probably about 2 years. Earlier it was reported that the Brexit bill was approved in Parliament and signed by Queen Elizabeth II. The Prime Minister had to choose the best time to press the "start"button.

The letter personally into the hands of Donald Tusk handed over the UK's permanent representative to the EU, Tim barrow. For two years the country should change its legislation to resolve all technical issues of "divorce".

Today, letters about the beginning of the process of entering the UK will get all the countries members of the Association. 

Meanwhile, the Scottish Parliament, which was strongly against the Kingdom's exit from the EU, voted to hold another referendum on independence. However, London has said it will not begin negotiations on this issue before the procedure Brexit will be completed, and, consequently, in the next couple of years Scotland is unlikely to get the opportunity to hold a plebiscite.

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