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The WTI oil prices fell below $ 50 per barrel

Blame the US.

09.Mar.17 9:23 PM
By Catherine Brooke


The WTI oil prices fell below $ 50 per barrel
Thursday, March 9, oil prices continued to "slide" down. Quotes of WTI oil fell to last year's level below $ 50 per barrel. The last time such indicators, the global market saw 15 Dec 2016. As stated by the experts, the reasons for the decline lie in the next report of the Ministry of energy of the United States of America, which was published last week
According to Americans the world's oil reserves rose sharply from eight million barrels, while experts predicted a growth of two million. It should be noted that many analysts were skeptical about the report of the United States, they believe that the real increase is not in excess of two million barrels, that is, is in the forecast.

By the way, Brent crude Thursday continued to fall. On the eve, March 8, the price per barrel closer to 53 U.S. dollars on March 9 this threshold was passed. According to recent reports, a barrel of North sea oil of about $ 52. Accordingly, the ruble immediately responded. After 13.15 Moscow time for one dollar on the Moscow stock exchange has asked 59 rubles.

Recall to adjust the world prices for oil the OPEC countries and several other countries-oil producers has signed an agreement to reduce the production of black gold.

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