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The US will hit people on the cryptocurrency purse of the "blacklist"

Services will monitor cryptocurrency accounts of criminals.

22.Mar.18 4:15 AM
By Elena Serebrova


The US will hit people on the cryptocurrency purse of the "blacklist"
The US will fight with cryptocurrency investors, who are dealing with persons from the "blacklist" of Trump. It is about those individuals and countries that have problems with US law and are subject to economic sanctions. Mostly it is about individuals associated with the financing of terrorism, or money laundering. The US Treasury Department will add crypto-currency purses to individuals associated with the "blacklist" in the list of economic sanctions.

All operations will be conducted according to the general procedure provided by law. That is, for this will involve law enforcement. This will help the keys to crypto-currency wallets, through which law enforcement agencies will be able to identify criminals. As noted by financial intelligence specialist Dave Murray, these keys are the most reliable identifiers.

However, a lawyer from Paul Hastings LLP Scott Flicker noted that digital assets are private property, the same as transport or real estate. And their tracking can not help when looking for criminals because the keys are used only once. This is not enough to collect data on offenders. Also, violators of the law can apply their shadow networks.

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