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The US Treasury prepared recommendations for ICO

Councils will be useful to the organizers of the ICO.

22.Mar.18 2:06 AM
By Jeff Bannister


The US Treasury prepared recommendations for ICO
More and more ICOs are in the world. The US Treasury Department has developed recommendations for the organizers of crypto-cash start-ups, based on the experience of previous successful ICOs. According to the US Treasury, the organizers of the ICO should take into account five main points. At these points, the technical structure of the project is being built.

One of the main points is the need for a central data warehouse. The second question is whether it is necessary to provide access to transaction information to several units at once. This issue is essential in ensuring security and compliance with the principle of privacy when concluding smart contracts. The third nuance is the trust between the parties to the transaction or the participants in the unit. Many investors refuse to participate in the project when it appears in the third party. The fourth nuance is whether the commission will be charged when verifying transactions. The fifth is whether the project will provide for the usual ways of interaction, which can be performed automatically.

Also, the Ministry of Finance advises documenting the entire process of creating an ICO and inviting as many experts as possible to the team to identify all the weaknesses and opportunities. According to experts, the team should be not only enthusiasts of the blockchain but also skeptics who will help to develop the optimal solution.

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