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The US intends to tighten sanctions against Venezuela

Restrictions can impose on the president's approximate president.

08.Aug.17 2:03 AM
By Andrey Shulga


The US intends to tighten sanctions against Venezuela
The US is preparing a new package of sanctions against Venezuela. This information agency Bloomberg, citing its sources in the US government.

According to the publication, the sanctions will affect 10 to 20 high-ranking officials of Venezuela, close to the country's President Nicholas Maduro. Assets of staff members who are kept in US banks will be frozen. Representatives of American business will be forbidden to conduct any cases with people who have fallen under the sanctions.

New US restrictions against Venezuela can enter into force already during this week.

A week ago, the United States imposed sanctions against Nicholas Maduro himself. Washington accuses him of undermining democracy in the country and suppressing the opposition.

Earlier, we wrote that the United States could impose sanctions against Venezuela.

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