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The United States began supplying natural gas to Europe and Asia

At least six LNG tankers have already gone to customers.

04.May.16 9:45 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


The United States began supplying natural gas to Europe and Asia
American companies have started to deliver in the countries of Europe, Asia and South America liquefied natural gas. According to US Secretary of energy Ernest Moniz, from the United States in these States have already sent at least six tankers.

During a meeting of energy Ministers of the countries "the seven", the IHRA announced its decision to permit exports of 80 million tons of liquefied natural gas per year to Japan, which is one of the world's largest buyers of LNG. The Minister noted that this scope corresponds to the annual consumption of the state.

Clarifies that while such exports to the United States to ensure it can not, however, the country plans to increase supplies. So, in addition to the current export base in Louisiana must earn three major terminal. After that, America will become a major player in the global gas market.

In addition, the IHRA supported the proposal of Japan concerning the organization of the exchange, which would determine the market price for LNG.

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