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The UK resumed drilling of shale deposits

But geologists consider the potential for extraction of shale gas in the country "exaggerated."

20.Aug.17 11:56 PM
By Swan


The UK resumed drilling of shale deposits

For the first time in the last six years, the UK began drilling in a shale deposit. The British authorities hope that they will be able to repeat the US shale revolution. However, geologists estimate the potential of the mill not high enough.

The shale deposit is located in Lancashire near Blackpool. The company Cuadrilla conducts the work. At present, vertical drilling has begun. The depth of the well is 3.5 km. The results will make it clear at what level drilling of horizontal wells is necessary, which is needed for fracturing. It should be noted that this kind of wells is first created in the UK. Their drilling is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. These horizontal wells will be used for fracing - fracturing with high-pressure injection of water, sand, and chemicals to release gas from there.

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