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The UAE stock market trading results are mixed, the DFM General has decreased by 0,27%

The UAE stock exchange has closed on Thursday with mixed results through the strengthening of insurance, banking, finance and investing sectors.

27.Dec.16 9:23 AM
By Anna Tuzova


The UAE stock market trading results are mixed, the DFM General has decreased by 0,27%
The negative dynamic occurred in mass consumption commodities, telecommunication and transport sectors. At the close of trading, the DFM General has lost 0,27 % of its’ cost, ADX General index has raised by 0,30%.

Among the growth champions in the  DFM General Index components on today’s bidding were Takaful house (DU:DTKF), which gained 0,0116 points (12,22%), closing at 1,040. Mashreq Bank quotations grown by 4,35 points (7,17%), closing at 65,00. Islamic Arab I (DU:SALAMA) has grown by 0,024 points (5,03%) in price, closing at 0,501.

Union prop (DU:UPRO) were traded in red, its’ stocks fallen by 0,020 points (1,71%), closing at 1,150. Dfm (DU:DFM) stocks has grown by 0,020 (1,56%), closing at 1,260, and Ajman bank (DU:AJBNK) lost 0,020 points (1,49%) and closed at 1,320.

Among the growth champions in the ADX General index components were Abu Dhabi National Hotels Co (AD:ADNH), which gained 10,34% to the mark of 3,20, Int Fish Farmi (AD:ASMK), which grown by 3,21%, closing at 1,93, and Invest Bank AD stocks (AD:INVB), which increased by 2,27%, finishing session at 2,250.

Green Crs Inc (AD:GCIC), which decreased by 4, 76% in price to 0,600. Arkan Building Materials Co PJSC (AD:ARKN) lost 3,41% and has finished session at 0,8500. 

The amount of securities that had become cheaper (20) has exceeded the number of securities that were “in the black” (12) on the UAE stock exchange. Quotations of 8 stocks remained substantially unchanged. On the Abu Dhabi stock exchange securities of 13 companies has increased in price, 11 went down, 4 remained unchanged.

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