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The trading on Tokyo have closed at the poor growth while the Yen is weakening

The trading on the largest in Asia stock market has closed at the growth of stocks while the US dollar keeps strengthening against the Yen.

25.Nov.16 3:36 AM
By Anna Tuzova


The trading on Tokyo have closed at the poor growth while the Yen is weakening
The Nikkei stock index, which reflects 225 leading companies’ stock fluctuation, has grown by 0,26% to 18 381,22 point. The broader TOPIX index, which reflects all the elite first section exchange companies stocks, has grown by 0,31% to 1 464,53 point.

According to analysts, stocks are going up through the continuing fall of the Yen, which is profitable for exporting companies. As Yutak Miura from Mizuho Securities said, the stocks are getting support because the weak Yen is improving forecasts of companies’ income.

The growth rate, however, has declined, because players are locking income after the recent boom. The stocks are slipping back as the investors seek to lock after the sharp rise, according to Toshikazu Horiuchi, a market analyst at Iwai Cosmo Holdings Inc. in Tokyo.

The trading closed at 113,34-113,35 Yen for one USD. The day before trading has closed at 112,78 – 112,79 Yen for USD.

The stocks of the leading exporters, whose income through the exchange rate increased recently, including automobile corporations such as Toyota Motor and Nissan Motor, had grown by the end of trading.

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