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The status of digital money in Russia can be similar to foreign currencies

The Ministry of Finance told about the future of the crypto currency in the Russian Federation.

23.May.18 9:36 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


The status of digital money in Russia can be similar to foreign currencies
Russian lawmakers are continuing to develop norms that allow the withdrawal of activities with crypto-currencies in the legal field. In particular, the authorities consider it necessary to take the new market under control in order to prevent the use of digital money for money laundering, acquired by criminal means. It also intends to approve provisions aimed at protecting participants in transactions with virtual currencies.

Deputy Finance Ministry Alexei Moiseev suggested that digital assets in the Russian market will have a status similar to foreign currencies. In particular, we are talking about the possible admission of crypto currency to exchange and storage. At the same time, they will not allow crypto-investors to pay for goods and services in Russia.

The official recalled that the ruble is a means of payment in our country, which can be not only paper: "There can be any electronic format of the ruble, but it must be a ruble, issued by the Central Bank. We can not have more than one emission center in the country".

Earlier we talked about the meeting, within the framework of which amendments to the current legislation were discussed. As part of the work on the changes, it was supposed to clarify a number of concepts related to the crypto-currency market.

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