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The state of Colorado will allow donations in bitcoin

It is about donations for political campaigns.

21.May.18 9:46 AM
By Martin Roads


The state of Colorado will allow donations in bitcoin
State Secretary Wayne Williams made this proposal. If it is accepted, then Colorado will join the ranks of states that have already legalized the collection of donations in bitcoin for political campaigns.

According to the bill, fees in bitcoin will not differ from usual contributions in any way. However, their magnitude will be determined by the moment of the grant. An open line is already working on this bill. It is reported that the state government welcomes the public opinion on this issue and until May 23 receives calls from residents.

It is worth noting that the first was to accept donations in Bitcoin, New Hampshire. It happened four years ago. Then the Republican Andrew Hemingway became the first politician in the US, who agreed to accept donations in the cryptocurrency.

However, there are opponents of accepting donations in the cryptocurrency. Their arguments are anonymity, the inability to know whether the money is "dirty" is flowing into politics or, nevertheless, not.

Even in Colorado itself, there is controversy. For example, Suzanne Styert, deputy secretary of the state of Colorado, says that campaigns that accept cryptocurrencies can potentially face problems in their accounting.

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