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The South Korean regulator criticized the idea of ​​issuing a national crypto currency

Digital assets can adversely affect monetary policy.

19.Jun.18 5:08 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


The South Korean regulator criticized the idea of ​​issuing a national crypto currency
Representatives of state bodies in a number of countries of the world are sharply critical of the crypto-currency. Officials pay attention to their volatility, and also remind potential investors about the lack of any support for virtual money from the state. At the same time, in some countries the authorities talk about the possibility of issuing a national crypto currency, which would not have the above disadvantages.

A similar initiative was also discussed in South Korea. However, as it became known, the implementation of this idea will have to wait a long time. In the near future, the Central Bank of the state is not going to launch its own crypto currency.

The Central Bank of South Korea explained that digital assets could have a negative impact on monetary policy. The implementation of such a project, according to experts, will cost society and the state too expensive. Also, representatives of the regulator are afraid of possible instability in the financial market, provoked by the emergence of the national crypto currency.

It should be noted that the Central Bank does not exclude the possible release of its own digital money in the future. But such decisions can be taken solely on the basis of thorough study of this issue.

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