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The smallest computer in the world will be able to work with blockchain technology

Developed by IBM.

21.Mar.18 2:56 AM
By Irina Kostikova


The smallest computer in the world will be able to work with blockchain technology
The smallest computer in the world, whose length does not exceed 1 mm, will be able to work with blockchain technology, said IBM, which presented the development. This microcomputer is expected to receive full application possibilities.

The inventors have told that the block is useful for controlling the shipment of goods. It will also be used to create "smart home" systems. Also, the technology will be in demand by the aviation industry and automotive industry.

A novelty from IBM was presented during the event IBM Think 2018. Then the employees of the corporation, talking about the most significant and promising technologies, paid special attention to the blockchain.

According to official information, the power of the microcomputer is comparable to the processors used in the nineties of the twentieth century. A miniature device is equipped with a RAM, a photodetector, and a communication unit. By the way, according to estimates of some publications, the cost of producing such a computer will amount to about 10 cents.

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