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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

The shelf is expensive

The development of the Arctic shelf is not cheap, so in the coming years, the emphasis should be placed on oil and gas production on land, while to abandon the idea on the shelf also completely impossible, because when the time comes, you need to have the corresponding development, equipment, and technology.

21.May.17 1:40 PM
By Christina Orlina


The shelf is expensive
This was stated by the Chairman of the Board Union of oil and gas producers of Russia Yury Shafranik in Tyumen industrial University, where he spoke this week to students at an open lecture.

According to Shafranik, time full-scale development of the Arctic shelf has not come yet.
"I am confident that the focus Neftegazoprom complex should be done on dry land" he said, commenting the statement of the corresponding member of RAS Ivan Nesterov on the development of oil deposits in the Arctic region. Earlier he stated that at the present time is preferable to focus on extraction of shale oil and the recovery of old wells that are not fully developed, though considered exhausted. Earlier Nesterov proposed to leave the Arctic ocean to the descendants, as hydrocarbon reserves on land more than at sea and to develop them cheaper.

Time offshore development in the Arctic, said Shafranik, will come in a decade or even a bit later when the appropriate prerequisites.

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