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The SEC plans to introduce ICO regulation measures

The head of the commission drew attention to the fact that there are many problems in the digital currency market.

01.May.18 10:49 AM
By Anna Bezrukova


The SEC plans to introduce ICO regulation measures
Robert Jackson, Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), expressed concerns about the initial placement of coins. When answering a question about crypto-currencies and ICO, he stressed that he had not yet met an ICO that would be a security. And a little earlier about the same said the chairman of SEC Jay Clayton.

As explained by Jackson, the market for cryptocurrency is a lot of "disturbing processes" - and especially in the ICO space. Because of this, investors can not figure out where the investment is, or where the fraud is.

The SEC Commissioner believes that today the ICO market is a vivid example of a securities market where there is no regulation. He said that if anyone is interested, how would the markets look without control of securities, while if the SEC did not do its work, let them look at the ICO market, it demonstrates such a situation.

Jackson also noted that the Commission would not impose a ban on the initial placement of coins, as it does not plan to resolve it. At present, the forces of the organization are aimed at developing and taking measures to protect investors suffering from illegal activities in this market.

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