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The Russian woman officially named the oldest person on Earth

In March Astrakhan turned 120 years old.

13.May.16 11:22 AM
By Johnatan Toadlicker
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The Russian woman officially named the oldest person on Earth
The oldest inhabitant of the Earth was officially declared the Russian woman the inhabitant of Astrakhan Tanzilya Bisembaeva 1896 birth. The old woman had to live in Russian Empire, Soviet Union and independent Russia. She remembers two world wars and one civil. The woman worked hard since childhood.

By the way, mother Tanzilya was only after 50 with her first husband, who died in 1942, she had no children. Only with the second husband she had three sons: the eldest, she gave birth at the age of 53 years, the youngest is 59.

Now Grandma Tanzilya lives with his young son in the Astrakhan region. From the house comes rarely, but serves herself. The secret of his longevity refers to the optimism and hard work. In addition, living in the village, an old woman eats only organic foods: milk, yogurt, sour cream, meat, fish. To 100 years the woman did not go to the doctor even children were delivered at home.

By the way, retirement Tanzilya Bisembaeva gets miserable: no documents that could confirm her experience.

Previously, the oldest inhabitant of the earth was considered the American Susannah Mushatt Jones, who died yesterday at the age of 117 years. But in fact Russian woman "surpassed" her long snake.

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