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The Russian IT company "Online Service" introduced a new SaaS-solution for professional participants in the business aviation market

The Russian IT company «Online Service», introduced the Russian development - a new SaaS-service «VIP charter».

27.Apr.17 6:51 AM
By Dmitrii R.


The Russian IT company "Online Service" introduced a new SaaS-solution for professional participants in the business aviation market
The service is intended for use by professional participants of the business charter market - aircraft operators and brokers and provides the opportunity for information exchange and communication between users. The functionality of the service allows to maintain the relevance of information on the location of aircraft registered in the service, to check their availability for charter flights, to automatically calculate the time parameters of the flight, its cost, the direction of applications, responses and proposals in the communication process between the broker and the operator.

It is reported that the service itself is posted on the Internet at

The developers of the service emphasize that access to the new SaaS-solution is free for both operators and brokers. The use of the service does not impose any financial or other obligations on the user and does not charge a subscription fee. In this case, the service, according to the plan of the creators, will actively promote the dissemination of information among market participants, simplify the communication process and its use will provide additional competitive advantages to all its users.

VIP charter service is aimed at the international market (currently the service interface supports English and Russian languages) and is designed on the basis of the marketplace, where all contacts are accessible to each other and they can make all necessary communications online. Aircraft operators are able to place their fleet on the market with the parameters and characteristics of each aircraft, specify pricing rules for the automatic calculation of the cost of the flight, and also create a schedule on the basis of which the charter route, its cost and the availability of the aircraft for the voyage . The service also provides for the possibility of placement by operators of Empty Legs ("empty" flights) and their search by specified parameters.

For brokers connected to the "VIP сharter" service, the functionality of searching for aircraft with a large number of filters is available, which will allow to meet a lot of specific customer requirements for the organization of the flight. When performing a search, the system automatically calculates and displays all aircraft that meet the conditions of the request made. The summary information of the search results indicates the actual location of the aircraft at the requested date and time, the operator and its contact details, the number of refuelings on each shoulder of the flight, the time of the aircraft's arrival, and the automatically calculated price of the air charter.

Each broker can place on the bulletin board the voyage route for which he is looking for an aircraft, indicating all the route parameters and describing the requirements for this aircraft and its maintenance. Immediately after placement, its announcement becomes available to all registered operators. Any of them can respond to this announcement and make their offer. The offers sent by the operator are instantly available to the broker who posted this ad, and he gets the opportunity to choose the most interesting offer on a competitive basis.

The service covers all market niches of charter flights - passenger, freight and medical charters. For each type of charter, it is possible to search for a specially equipped aircraft with an already formed offer from the operator.

Service "VIP charter" can also be used in the helicopter transport market. For the helicopter market, the service offers a unique opportunity to build routes for helicopter charters with reference to arbitrarily chosen coordinates on the map. The coordinates can be selected by simply clicking the mouse on the place on the map. All flight parameters are calculated on the basis of entered coordinates without binding to the coordinates of airports. The specified functionality allows using the service for real conditions of helicopter flights.

The service developers hope that using the solution presented by them will allow optimizing the costs of market participants, allowing its users to more effectively use their fleet, find new business partners and increase the profitability of their business.

About «Online Service»

Online Service LLC is a Russian IT company specializing in managing and promoting SaaS solutions in the aviation industry, as well as developing software for business aviation.

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