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John McAfee death was a suicide, autopsy confifms

John McAfee's relatives will finally bury him now

The Russian Federation increased its oil production by almost 3%

Russian oil exports to Europe also grew considerably.

04.May.16 6:52 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


The Russian Federation increased its oil production by almost 3%
For the period from January to April our country has increased production of resources such as oil and gas, by almost 3 %. In particular, the data of the Central dispatching management of energy state that in the past four months of the current year the volume of production increased by 2.7 %, or $ 179,748 million tons in annual terms.

According to information, only last month Russia produced 44,368 million tons of oil. While average daily production totalled 10,841 million barrels.

So, for the mentioned period the volume of oil production of the company "Rosneft" has reached 62,252 million tons, the production volume of LUKOIL 27,621 million tons, "Surgutneftegaz" 20,304 million tons, Gazprom Neft 11,841 million tons, the production volume of Tatneft amounted to 9,215 million tons, Slavneft 5,015 million tons, Bashneft 7,040 million tons and RussNeft 2,248 million tons.

It is known that the volume of Russian oil deliveries to Far abroad from January to April reached 77,286 million tons more than last year decreased by 6.1 %.

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