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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

The Rosatom has interest in a share of Areva

Russian corporation may become an equity partner of Areva.

28.Dec.16 9:26 AM
By Anna Tuzova


The Rosatom has interest in a share of Areva
The Rosatom is interested in the acquisition of French Areva, yet everything depends on French government, according to Reuter with a link on vice president of “Rosatom Western Europe” Andrey Rozhdestvin.

Under the restructuring of Areva, 87% shares of which are owned by the government will be divided: the branch of Areva NP, which develops the equipment for nuclear power plants, will be sold to the EDF Public Power Company, another branch, which products Uranium and nuclear fuel will be allocated to a separate company and allegedly will be named Areva NewCo.

According to the agency’s data, Areva, EDF and French government intend to sell minority equity stakes in both branches of Areva to the foreign investors. As Rozhdestvin told reporters, the Rosatom stands ready to consider buying a share in Areva NP and Areva NewCo.

As Rozhdestvin stated, they are not excluding that, and if that would help Areva, he thinks, it needs considering. But it looks like the government may not want the scenario.

According to his words, the negotiations are pursued with potential business partners from Japan and China, but not from Russia. Rozhdestvin also noted that Rosatom has several cooperation projects with Areva and the corporation is interested in everything that has an influence on its’ partner.

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