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The rise in popularity of the game Shadow Fight 2 in US

This game is brought to its creators a huge profit.

23.Aug.16 10:52 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


The rise in popularity of the game Shadow Fight 2 in US
The first version of the famous game Shadow Fight 2. This fighting game developed Nekki Studio was released October 9, 2013. A few months later he became available to users worldwide. In May 2014 the game was released for Android and IOS platforms. In 2015, Shadow Fight 2 is now available for Windows 8.

Today, many new and useful facts about Shadow Fight games can be found on the This informative website contains a variety of guides, cheats, hacking tools, and more.

Currently the game is still very popular. At the same time the greatest demand Shadow Fight 2 uses in the United States, Russia and Turkey. The biggest income from fixed fighting game in the United States, Russia, Turkey, China and Germany. And the greatest profit from Google Play is bringing the United States. Popularity Shadow Fight 2 there is only growing.

Before launching on Google Play revenue from Shadow Fight 2 it was not too high. But then he became more than 100 thousand dollars a day.

So what is this fighting? Events in the game shows an animated Prolog. They tell about the legendary fighter. During the trip, he stumbled upon the Gate of Shadows and opened them. So the demons were released. They then become part of a warrior. It is for him and the player will play in the Shadow Fight 2.

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