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The resumption of sales of tours to Turkey has changed the prices on other destinations

Price drop to all the popular resorts reached 10-11%.

11.Jul.16 7:13 AM
By Elena Tkachenko


The resumption of sales of tours to Turkey has changed the prices on other destinations
The resumption of sales of travel packages in Turkey has changed the prices on other areas. Thus, according to local tour operators, falling prices for all popular resorts reached 10 -11% in reaction to the drop in popularity of the resort destinations, supplanted traditionally beloved of Russians Turkey.

Also tour operators say that in the last days significantly decreased the demand for trips to other countries. According to the representative of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Tyurina, last week the demand for Cyprus has decreased by thirty percent, Tunisia has lost about fifteen percent, Greece five percent. This Tyurin said that this week the decline in demand has to stop, these indicators will no longer decline, it is quite possible that the demand may return to the level before last week, there are all prerequisites.

It is worth noting that the now evident and the decline in demand for tours to Turkey. So, if in the first days after the resumption of sales of the tours in this area the proportion of requests they were 45%, last week it was reduced to thirty percent, and this week can still be substantially reduced.

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