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The results of China's qualification for the championship The International 6 [Dota 2]

In Dota 2 the game ended with a grand finale of the Chinese qualification The International 6.

01.Jul.16 8:15 AM
By Irina Z.


The results of China's qualification for the championship The International 6 [Dota 2]
In the final, the two teams played «EHOME" and «Vici Gaming.Reborn". The game ended with «Vici Gaming.Reborn victory", which account for 6 wins and 3 losses. Previously, the right to participate in The International Chinese team won 6 «Wings». However, the most entertaining tournament showed «EHOME» and «Vici Gaming.Reborn». Many bookmakers already make dota 2 bets to this command.

«Vici Gaming.Reborn» in the tournament gave way to a «Vici Gaming», «iG.Vitality» and «Wings», whereby the last command and the finals. In the last play-off was attended by «Vici Gaming.Reborn», «EHOME», «Vici Gaming» and «Invictus Gaming», which are the first and dropped out of the game, giving the victory «Vici Gaming». For the third and fourth place teams struggled «Vici Gaming.Reborn» and just. Both teams are part of the same division, but one of them are the well-known media personality.

Thus, compris The International Championship 6 Dota 2 includes four commands: «Wings», «Vici Gaming.Reborn», «LGD Gaming» and «Newbee». Championship starts on August 3 in Seattle (USA), the prize fund of the event amounts to $ 14,000,000.

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