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The restaurant chain created its crypto currency

Lovers of burgers in Russia will be encouraged by Whopper-coins.

23.Aug.17 3:05 AM
By Shawn Highstraw
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The restaurant chain created its crypto currency
Presented in Russia, a network of fast food establishments Burger King announced the creation of its crypto currency. As it became known, the company is going to make customers charge for a crypto-currency purse in response to a check sent to a scan.

"The Russian Burger King has issued its crypto currency on the Waves blockbuster platform. It is called a copper coin in honor of the best-selling burger network. The amount is one billion Whopper-coins. Additional emission is possible, "the company said.

It should be noted that, although the crypto currency is becoming more and more demanded settlements in some foreign countries, its use in Russia is not properly regulated yet. However, the Central Bank has already been told about plans to thoroughly study the intricacies of working with the crypto currency to gradually introduce its regulation.

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