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The researchers found that the business has little interest in the blockchain

Most survey participants do not plan to implement the technology in their companies.

03.May.18 10:43 PM
By Sergey Tselibeev


The researchers found that the business has little interest in the blockchain

Interest in blockchain is overrated, as most business structures are not interested in this technology and do not plan to use it in their work. Such conclusions follow from the results of a survey of about 300 it Directors conducted by analysts of Gartner, writes the publication Coinfox.

77 percent of the survey participants reported that their companies are not interested in blockchain; and 43 percent do not plan to conduct any research in this area, although they follow the events. Only 8 percent of respondents expect or test blockchain solutions in business processes, and one percent already use them. 293 respondents took part in the survey.

According to Gartner expert David Furlonger, the results of the study show that there is a massive hype around the blockchain and the prospects for its implementation. He noticed that too frequent and emotional conversations of blockchain enthusiasts are even more alarming for experienced engineers and people in the business

Furlonger believes that the introduction of blockchain requires extensive knowledge in the field of security, law and other areas, and companies that decide to use this technology will have to change its traditional structure and business processes completely.

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