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The recent Instagram update is a disaster

Instagram engineers rolled out an instant UI disaster

18.Jul.22 9:23 AM
By Abigail Richards


The recent Instagram update is a disaster
Many Instagram users are not happy with the latest update of the app. They massively give the social medium a one-star review in Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

Since the update, users are shown photos and videos that completely fill their screen. They then have to manually wipe them away in order to view new images. Simply scrolling through your timeline is therefore no longer there.

Another change is that the sound is now automatically on at the maximum volume. That was not the case before. Then the volume was set equal to how loud the sound of the smartphone was. On social media, some users also complain that they hear sound, when they never turned it on.

It's raining complaints on social media about the update anyway. People say they no longer see content from their friends in their timeline. They also say they only get videos that are originally from TikTok or from accounts they don't follow at all. Also, several users complain that they see much more ads.

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