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The project "Dancing chair" became the winner

The project became the winner of the Second All-Russian Contest "100 Best Enterprises and Organizations of Russia in the Sphere of Healthy Lifestyle and Active Longevity-2017"

01.May.17 8:03 AM
By Dmitrii K.


The project "Dancing chair" became the winner
The Russian innovative project "Dancing chair" - the owner of eleven international awards in the field of quality, added the twelfth award to his piggy bank. The project of the Russian inventor Konstantin Konin, who was at the source of the project, won the Grand Prix of the Second All-Russian Contest "100 Best Enterprises and Organizations of Russia in the Sphere of Healthy Lifestyle and Active Longevity-2017" in the nomination "Production and Sale of Products Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle and Active Longevity" Within the framework of the All-Russian Forum "Health of the Nation".

During the forum "Dancing chair" at the exhibition stand "World of active longevity" was represented by Konstantin Konin himself, who also spoke at the forum with a lecture and a master class dedicated to the unique gymnastics "Active sedentary lifestyle", allowing to maintain himself in excellent physical shape with a minimum Loads. The stand of the "Dancing Chair" was visited by Olga Yurievna Golodets, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation responsible for the implementation of the most important government tasks in the field of public health. She listened with interest to the author's story about the essence of the invention and wished him further success.

Innovative chair is a mobile structure on one hinged point of support. Supporting the natural healthy position of the spine, the chair neutralizes the negative and removes not only physical, but also nervous tension, actively contributing to the relaxation of the body. "Dancing chair" allows the user to take a comfortable position while sitting, remove muscle clamps, return mobility to joints, normalize blood circulation of all body systems and equalize the energy of the body. In addition, the innovative chair actively burns calories due to the constant balancing of the body - a kind of gymnastics that allows to maintain the body "in a tonus" even while doing sedentary work.

About gymnastics "Active sedentary lifestyle"

Gymnastics "Active sedentary lifestyle" - a patented set of special physical exercises for performing on the "Dancing chair", contributing to the relaxation of the body, burning calories, as well as preventing diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the reproductive system.

About the Dancing Chair

The first chair on the hinged support point was created in the USA in 1882. Already in the XIXth orthopedic doctors appreciated the invention from the point of view of unloading the spine of office workers and maintaining the correct posture of schoolchildren. Unfortunately, American designers of the "Dancing Chair" prototype, despite their genius, had little understanding of the promotion and promotion of innovative products, and therefore their invention became known only in narrow circles.

In 2010, a group of Russian inventors, taking as a basis the American invention, significantly improved its design with the help of original technological solutions and modern materials. Nowadays the Russian "Dancing chair", according to independent experts, is one of the best in the world of simulators for the spine, coordination of movements and training of the vestibular apparatus.

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