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The principles of ICO regulation in Switzerland can become pan-European

The rules are considered complete and detailed.

23.Mar.18 2:27 AM
By Anna Alexandrova


 The principles of ICO regulation in Switzerland can become pan-European

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority issued rules for the ICO. This document can become a guide to action for the entire European Union, transfers 

The rules are called detailed and complete. They determine the procedure for applying the laws of the country to ICO transactions. A similar package of documents is being developed in Gibraltar. In Canada, Singapore, Spain, Estonia, Australia and other countries believe that the status of such transactions should be prescribed in the law.

Also, the UK may become the center for the development of the ICO. There is already a necessary infrastructure for this. 

The Swiss leadership includes five principles that deal with regulation, as well as the classification of tokens and compliance with the rules of legislation relating to money laundering. Further, in connection with the rapid increase in the volume of the sector, the Swiss regulator will complement the standard. This is necessary for the regulation to be carried out reliably from the legal point of view. For this, experts believe, a correct approach to control is needed. In particular, it should be positive.

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