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The Pentagon will not allow holders of cryptocurrencies to cover sensitive information

In the US Department of Defense, cryptocurrency investments are considered a risk.

24.May.18 7:43 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


The Pentagon will not allow holders of cryptocurrencies to cover sensitive information
It became known that the leadership of the US defense department negatively concerns the cryptocurrency investments, the news portal informs. The main disadvantage of these assets is the impossibility to establish their origin. That very much hinders the state regulators to conduct inspection operations concerning their employees, as well as the protection of classified information.

The staff of the department is several hundred thousand people who need access to classified information. The US banks provide the state institutions with the opportunity to check the bank accounts of employees and conduct an investigation if necessary.

Cryptocurrency transactions, which for the most part are anonymous transactions that increase the risks of fraudulent actions of employees and even the possibility of the state treasury. As a consequence, the department may decide not to employ persons who are holders of digital currencies to avoid the risk associated with this.

In general, the state regulators of America adhere to this point of view, where the use of cryptocurrency assets is considered to be semi-legal, so the legal field for such actions is not entirely formed. The absence of an official state policy gives rise to uncertainty.

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