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The Peak of Inflation is expected in March in Russia

Experts do not say the exact reasons.

09.Feb.15 10:41 AM
By Abigail Richards


The Peak of Inflation is expected in March in Russia
Experts and economists are expecting the peak of inflation in March in Russian Federation. In addition such statement was made by the Russian Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukayev.

According to the official the peak of inflation is expected to be in March. At the same time Ulyukayev was not able to name exact figures and rates of inflation growth. He said that experts are trying to foresee the situation considering the fact that inflation rate is 13.7% at the moment.

The Head of Russian Ministry of Economic Development also noted that he has not seen the figures provided by Rosstat yet. According to that statistics the inflation rate can increase up to 15%.

In addition the official paid attention to the fact that he thinks it was right of Central Bank to decrease the key rate to 15%. He pointed that this could be the only right decisions in such situation.

We have already written that Central Bank decided to improve the economic situation in the country by reducing key interest rate to 15%. Experts are sure that such measures will make it possible to stop further increase of inflation at least for a while. Such steps will help to reduce inflation rate to 10%.

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