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John McAfee death was a suicide, autopsy confifms

John McAfee's relatives will finally bury him now

The packages of the future

The pollution of the planet with plastic waste is one of the greatest environmental threats. If you leave it unchanged,  it will be more plastic than fish in our seas by 2050. The culprit – common packages.The average european use is 200 plastic packages per year. And only 7% of them are recycled.

11.May.17 2:07 AM
By Christina Orlina


The packages of the future

Finnish band Pаptic offers a different “recipe”of packing and packages – new material based on cellulose and a small amount of bioplastics. Tuomas Mustonen, General Director of the company: “This material is the paper of the new generation. It is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and very durable. A good replacement for conventional plastics”. Plus: new material can transfer existing production capacity. And thereby preserve jobs in the industry of packaging and packages.

For the development of the project, the company made a bid for investments, including the investments and a high level of risk. The firm is patronized by the Finnish Investment Fund for innovation. Its goal is the development of jobs in “green industries”.

Thomas Mustonen: “The program gives impetus to progress. We have the support of experts, engineers, and technologists who help us to improve the products and, therefore, more to dislodge from the use of traditional plastic bags”.

Finnish companies rely on the circular economy, seeing it as an opportunity for active growth and employment.

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