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The Officials will Take Psychological Exam

This will help to determine their propensity to corruption.

04.Dec.14 8:30 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


The Officials will Take Psychological Exam
Russian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection offered to enable psychological test for all representatives of the government. This will help to decrease the level of corruption. The information has been provided by “Izvestiya” newspaper.

Director of Department Civil Service in the Ministry of Labor Dmitry Basnak noted that anticorruption testing will help to indicate and eliminate propensity to corruption which is rather important especially for the Department of Civil Service. This psychological analysis will make it possible to determine the level of corruptions propensity and future career perspectives of a particular candidate as well as its future focus which will turn out to be additional limitation in social service behavior of the official.

Basnak also said that examination will be implemented in the form of an interview. Candidates’ evaluation will be based on specific psychological characteristics in accordance with their answers. This is likely to be a simple conversation with different questions that have a hidden meaning. All answers will be checked by specialists in this field.

The test is offered as a part of already existing examination.

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