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The official dollar rate exceeded 56 rubles

The Bank of Russia increased the official rate of the dollar and the Euro on Thursday, April 27. The official euro to ruble set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on Thursday, rose by 71 a penny to 61.50 rubles, the dollar rose 46 cents to 56,31 of the ruble.

26.Apr.17 6:21 AM
By Christina Orlina


The official dollar rate exceeded 56 rubles
The cost of the currency basket (0.55 dollars and 0.45 euros) calculated at official rates on Thursday, increased compared with the index on Wednesday at 57 cents to 58,64 of the ruble.
Among the factors of strengthening the euro - certainly, the results of the first round of presidential elections in France in which leaders not follower Pro-European and Pro-American policies of President Hollande, Emmanuel Macron, said Natalia Milchakova, deputy director of the analytical department of "Alpari".

Statements by the President of the United States Donald Trump that he intends his decrees revoke the ban on drilling on the sea shelf, has caused nervousness in the oil market. Although in practical terms, Trump for this purpose has not done anything yet, speculators have already dumped oil futures, suggesting that oil market may come a period of protracted uncertainty.

On April 28 the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia is scheduled. According to the forecast of the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, probably, that the Central Bank will reduce its key rate by at least 0.25 points and the maximum of 0.5 points.

In the short-term reduction of the key rate can lead to the weakening of the ruble, as lower interest rates reduced the value of the national currency. However, in the medium-term perspective, the ruble, apparently, will remain in the range of 55-59 RUB/USD. and 59-63 RUB/EUR.

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