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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

The number of oil fields decreasing every year

You can find large oil deposits is becoming increasingly difficult.

14.Feb.17 2:48 AM
By Nikolai Vinogradov


The number of oil fields decreasing every year

The number of new oil and gas fields is declining every year, experts say. If you have previously steadily opened up four hundred five hundred fields, for last year their number amounted to one hundred and seventy-four new object.

The fact that the companies developing oil and gas industry, have less to Fund the exploration and finding of new mineral deposits. To detect deposits of oil every year more and more difficult, experts say. According to recent estimates, last year was discovered to 8.2 billion barrels.

The period of search, training and development wells, is a long-term process that takes five to seven years. The problems with exploration can lead to an increase in demand for shale oil.

Searching for deposits of minerals are concentrated in the sea, where the cost per hole can be up to one hundred and fifty million dollars. While useful, statistically, is not every well. Shale rig can cost five to ten million dollars, a job in mining can begin after a few weeks.

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