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The number of cyber crime in Japan reached a record level

The reason for this was the technology of blockchain.

13.Sep.17 12:36 AM
By Johnatan Toadlicker


The number of cyber crime in Japan reached a record level
The active development of blockchain-technologies has led to an equally aggressive growth of cyber crime in, perhaps, the most technologically advanced country in the world - Japan. As reported by the local police, from January to June this year the number of applications affected by hackers was a record - almost 70 thousand. Most of them were associated with online fraud, writes

In particular, the number of virus attacks and remote hacking of computers increased by one and a half times - 6848 cases.

But the disclosure in this area is not growing: we managed to close just over 4,200 cases.

In connection with the development of the blockchain, the Japanese cyber policy urged all to pay attention to the fact that crypto-currencies are associated with serious risks.

In the summer of this year, hackers broke the largest in the world of operations in the South Korean exchange Bithumb crypto currency: the number of stolen bitcoins amounted to several million dollars.

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