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The new Psychogram application is intended to unite professional psychologists

It is designed in such a way that registered visitors will not see each other

19.Jul.17 9:55 PM


The new Psychogram application is intended to unite professional psychologists
The main goal of the project Psychogram is to unite psychologists into the network of the professional community, as well as the organization of the relationship between psychologists (psychotherapists) and those who would like to receive advice from these specialists. Psychogram meets all the requirements of the process of work of psychologists, the most important of which is the confidentiality of personal information.

Registration in Psychogram is divided into 2 parts: for psychologists, psychotherapists; And for visitors who need psychological counseling. Observing all the rules of anonymity, Psychogram is designed in such a way that registered visitors will not see each other. Even psychologists do not see visitors. Only a certain psychologist can see a visitor and only if the visitor has chosen him (her) from the list of psychologists and turned to him (her). Visitors can not see each other, which creates a protected individual virtual space. In the Psychogram 9, professional psychometric tests are integrated, which interpret the data in an automatic mode. However, a psychologist is allowed to add his tests if he wants to receive primary information about a visitor before consulting him.

We strongly recommend that when registering psychologists and psychotherapists indicate their professional competence, as one of the opportunities for a person to find a psychologist is to choose the competence of a psychologist. Please, tell us about your work experience (upload scans of diploma, certificates, retraining, etc.) and put your own photo on the avatar. It would be great if you indicated the place where you work, but, of course, everything is at your discretion, as a professional.

Recommendations from the developers: the main principle of the psychologist - "Do no harm."
It is recommended that visitors ask about the qualifications of a specialist. Work with non-certified specialists only at your own peril and risk. Try to find a psychologist who works in a specialized center, or has his own office. Ask a psychologist to show a photograph of the office or workplace.

Psychogram is a very smart application, so before you use it, please read the rules for psychologists (if you are a psychologist) or rules for visitors (if you need to ask advice from a psychologist).

The application has a built-in social network with flexible settings - "Colleagues". Now available only from mobile phones and only for psychologists. This is a professional community.

Dear users, I, as the author and developer of the application, drew attention to comments on the design. I work on this issue with time. BUT! Nevertheless, I would be grateful to you for your criticality, the fact is that I alone developed this application. Before you criticize and put a bad evaluation, consider this, please. Also, as it was said in another my application, my products are completely free, which means that only constructive criticism is welcome and no complaints (to COMPLETELY free applications they can not be.)

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