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The new President of "AVTOVAZ" has started performance of the duties

Today Nicolas Mora first day in a new position.

04.Apr.16 11:19 AM
By Johnatan Toadlicker
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The new President of "AVTOVAZ" has started performance of the duties
Today, April 4, came into office new President of the concern "AVTOVAZ" Nicolas Moore, who came to replace Bo Andersson. March 15, the Board of Directors approved the candidacy of the Frenchman, who earlier headed the Romanian company Dacia. In the official message of the press service of "AVTOVAZ" said that the company has already modernized its range and hopes that the new leader will continue to work effectively to this process.

"With the arrival of Nicolas Mora, we plan to continue to follow that strategy, despite the challenges that we are facing now. And we continue to defend our vision for the future of the Russian market and "AVTOVAZ", as the leading players of the Russian automotive industry, in the long term", - said the head of the Board of Directors Carl Ghosn.

Recall Bo Andersson released from the post of President of "AVTOVAZ" in March: the shareholders expressed dissatisfaction with its personnel policy and financial Affairs of the concern. In their opinion, a versatile and experienced Manager Nicolas Maure exactly what you need "AVTOVAZ" in this difficult period.

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