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The new Institute of Innovations of the blockchain created an alternative to ICO

World leaders of the banking industry and high technology announced the launch of a program called JOBS Crypto Offering.

03.May.18 6:44 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


The new Institute of Innovations of the blockchain created an alternative to ICO
It became known that the IBC, which focuses on block-technology, announces the launch of a project called JOBS Crypto Offering as an alternative to ICO. Innovation solves regulatory issues related to the initial offers of tokens (ICO).

The recently opened center includes 60 participants, including leading companies of the global banking and high technology industries such as Finova, Indiegogo, 500 Startups, Ausum Ventures, Salesforce, Raiffeisen Bank International and BPC Banking Technologies.

The developers of the project report that the task of IBI will be the development and implementation of the most critical initiatives in the field of detachment. For example, the first project, JOBS Crypto Offering (JCO), will develop new approaches to token trading, the innovation will be a new hybrid crowdfunding model that will help solve company problems with gaps in administrative ICO regulations.

A distinctive feature of JCO from ICO is that within the alternative program it will be possible to bind a token to capital. It will be possible to trade for the currency, as well as to provide American dollars

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