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The new gas field was discovered in Poland

The Polish state company PGNIG is engaged in the extraction of hydrocarbons, discovered a new gas field in the country.

29.May.17 1:46 PM
By Christina Orlina


 The new gas field was discovered in Poland
This field is located near the town of Sroda Wielkopolska. Currently, PGNIG carries out testing the flow of gas from the well to get more information on the potential field. Depth vertically drilled wells PGNiG 3,650 meters, horizontal distance covered is 400 meters away.

"Pre-tested Deposit indicate a commercially viable accumulation of hydrocarbons, natural gas production will come from wells Miloslav-5K/H," - said PGNiG. The Polish company is very satisfied with first obtained results.

"The use of horizontal drilling has led to very good results. The technique was first used in the Sandstone in the area of Poland".

The share of PGNiG concessions Kornik-Sroda Wielkopolska is 51%. There is the well, according to Reuters. Another part of the 49% owned by PKN Orlen.

Company PGNiG was founded in 1976. Engaged in exploration and production, import, storage and sale of hydrocarbons. PGNiG also has a share of about several dozens of international companies including in Russia.

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