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The Network store of Etherium Swarm passes to the next phase of the trials

Swarm, the decentralized storage section of the ethereum network, has advanced to the third stage of the evidential concept.

02.Nov.17 1:26 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


The Network store of  Etherium Swarm passes to the next phase of the trials

The lead developer of swarm Victor Tron showed today that the proof of the concept is now fully compatible with the ethereum client, Geth and Whisper, the project's messaging protocol, bringing ethereum one step closer to its "holy trinity" vision, where three systems provide a complete alternative to the World Wide Web.

And in his speech, Tron stressed that his work fits into a wider vision for ethereum, in which the storage branch will function just like Dropbox, giving platform users the ability to store content, create and share folders.

The proof of the concept is also a new level of confidentiality, which, according to Tron, is the key to maintaining stability to the vagaries of the authorities.

According to Tron, Swarm could pave the way for many "beautiful things", such as distributed public archives that cannot be closed or censored.

The proof of the concept will also stress test on what happens to the network when it has grown to tens of thousands of nodes, which Tron called the scalability test, a hot topic at Devcon this year.

It is expected that the new version of Swarm will launch sometime after Devcon3.

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