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The most famous banks will unite to create a crypto currency

It can be exchanged for regular bills.

04.Sep.17 12:02 AM
By Shawn Highstraw


 The most famous banks will unite to create a crypto currency
Several well-known financial and credit organizations all over the world intend to unite on the issue of creating a new crypto currency. According to the Financial Times, the speech, in particular, is about the banks of Barclays and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. In total, at least six banking structures are interested in the project.

As it became known, financial organizations are going to apply special technology to make instant settlements and make transactions with securities. It should be noted that earlier the crypto currency was created by the bank UBS, which joined forces with Clearmatics Technologies. The new monetary unit attracted other market participants, who later joined the project (Deutsche Bank, for example).

Internet portal Sravni.Ru reports that financial and credit organizations are going to discuss all the nuances of using crypto currency with central banks shortly. They also have to take care of protection measures. It is expected that the launch of the crypto currency will be carried out at the end of next year.

It is important to note that it can be exchanged for the usual banknotes.

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