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The MobileCoin team raised $ 30 million to create a secure paper wallet

The new Cryptocurrency will most likely be listed in the Binance listing.

26.Apr.18 4:07 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


The MobileCoin team raised $ 30 million to create a secure paper wallet
The news portal reports that the developers of the digital coin MobileCoin, to which the founder of the Signal messenger, Moxi Marlinspike, joined, are developing a project for a new paper wallet. For these purposes, the partners conducted the ICO, which resulted in attracting $ 30 million, including through one of the most popular in the world community of crypto-exchange exchanges - Binance.

Crypto-currency analysts say that, most likely, the new digital currency will be included in the Binance listing, since it was this crypto-exchange that led the most significant round of raising funds for this project. It is noted that the developers of MobileCoin will try to create for their user's high confidentiality and comfortable interface of the digital wallet.

Another positive aspect of the new project is the integration of paper wallet with popular instant messengers such as - WhatsApp, Signal. Recall that they perform end-to-end encryption, which provides the highest possible level of security at present. Also, the new digital storage will use the Stellar Consensus protocol, which helps to carry out operations at high speed. At the moment, the MobileCoin team includes Moxi Marlinspike, who joined the project in the summer of 2017, Joshua Goldbard is Crypto Lotus's general partner, and Shane Glyn is a technical employee of Google.

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